About Us

Canterbury Sheepskin was born from the desire to delight people everywhere with the indescribable comfort and warmth of luxurious sheepskin. No other fibre in the world can match wool for all its unique properties – warm in winter, cool in summer with the ability to absorb moisture without feeling wet. Canterbury Sheepskin products are designed to bring you the ultimate in quality, comfort and design. 

It takes skilled craftsmanship, timeless design and quality natural materials to create the quintessential sheepskin products; something we’ve been doing since 1974. Every pair of Canterbury Sheepskin slippers are designed and made right here in NZ. Artisan-crafted from luxuriously soft sheepskin, our slippers hug your feet like pillows of indescribable comfort and warmth. Made by good people for good people, think of us as the original foot huggers; handcrafting cozy slippers to delight feet everywhere.